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Welcome to our site! It's been offline recently for a makeover, but now it's back.

From now on we'll be keeping all the most recent and relevant material (music, videos, gigs) upfront on the homepage, with more in-depth, possibly "blog-style" updates on this here news feed. So, in case you missed it, the end of 2019 saw our good pal and former bassist Kesh Head leave the band after 3 years of touring and recording together. We love him so much, and if you ever miss him you can always go back and listen to his work on "Serpico", "I Blink", "You're Sinking" and "Confessional Sports". Or go check out his other band, The Lonesomes.

At the start of 2020, we decided it was time to expand our sound a bit, so we picked up two new members; Alex Prendeckij on guitar, and Imogen Summers on bass.

Our first 5 piece shows have been blissful and we can't wait to do more. We recorded at Bedlam Records for a few days in March and will have a first taste of our bigger sound for you ASAP.


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